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Strong, rugged, and full of character — that’s what makes a troll name truly stand out. (Yes, even if the troll in question loves a good riddle!) If you’re on the hunt for the perfect troll moniker, this troll name generator is ready to rumble! Click ‘Generate’ to unleash a list of 10 classic troll names. Keep clicking for more and don’t forget to bookmark your favorites.

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    Troll name examples with description

    Step right into our cavern of creativity, where each troll name comes with its own story. These names and descriptions are crafted with care, so you can really get to know your trollish alter ego!

    • Kragloth – Kragloth’s rock-like skin is covered in moss and his eyes sparkle like hidden gems.
    • Harnak – Harnak is an ancient troll with a face as wrinkled as an old oak and a surprisingly tender heart.
    • Muzgara – A fierce female troll, Muzgara’s roar sends chills down the spines of those who dare cross her path.
    • Flogbruk – Flogbruk’s arms, thick and strong as tree trunks, are legendary amongst his tribe.
    • Grunika – Grunika’s laugh echoes through the forest, a sure sign of her mischievous nature.
    • Urgath – Urgath, an old sage, carries the wisdom of ages in his eyes and a staff adorned with skulls.
    • Trukna – Trukna’s hair is a tangle of vines, her strength and cunning as formidable as her beauty.
    • Jolthorn – Jolthorn, the troll chieftain, leads with strength and a booming voice that shakes the mountains.
    • Snargrim – Snargrim, known for his impish grin, is a trickster who enjoys playing pranks on travelers.
    • Zulina – Zulina’s voice is as soothing as a trickling stream, enchanting all who listen.
    • Bruskag – With shoulders as broad as a boulder, Bruskag is a formidable guard of the troll’s sacred cave.
    • Worgana – Worgana, the healer, uses ancient forest herbs to cure the ailments of her kin.
    • Grugnir – Grugnir is as silent as a shadow, his hunting skills unmatched in the tribe.
    • Trazgul – Trazgul, with his granite-like skin, is an immovable sentry standing guard for his tribe.
    • Krumnara – Krumnara’s eyes, luminous as moonlight, have a hypnotic charm that can disarm foes.
    • Blorgath – Blorgath’s laughter can shake the leaves off trees and his jovial nature is infectious.
    • Frunika – With a gaze as piercing as icicles, Frunika is the tribe’s seer, interpreting the will of the gods.
    • Throgmuk – Throgmuk, with his intimidating tusks and mighty stature, is a renowned warrior.
    • Yagluth – Yagluth’s beard, tangled with pebbles and roots, is a symbol of his connection with the earth.
    • Cogrina – Cogrina, the tribe’s storyteller, spins tales as intricate and ancient as the roots of the world.
    • Gruknar – Gruknar’s strength lies not just in his massive arms, but in his unwavering spirit.
    • Furah – Furah’s skin glows with the colors of dusk, symbolizing her role as the tribe’s dusk warden.
    • Vrognus – Vrognus is as persistent as the river stone, weathering all challenges with silent resolve.
    • Narghul – Narghul’s wisdom and sagacity are as vast and profound as the deepest cavern.
    Troll Name Generator
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    More Troll name ideas

    Not enough? We’ve got loads more! These troll names are freshly hewn from the stone, ready for your next fantasy adventure. Remember, a troll by any other name would smell as… well, you get the idea.


    • Drublag
    • Oznog
    • Wutrusk
    • Smogol
    • Skavnir
    • Rojuz
    • Kvorthun
    • Zung
    • Mutfog
    • Gremgrog
    • Togmuk
    • Bludgath
    • Arguk
    • Frusgor
    • Snulog
    • Yipkrat
    • Vralkar
    • Lurgoth
    • Bragko
    • Jorgthun


    • Varanji
    • Tanmea
    • Zaeji
    • Hulra
    • Vajati
    • Zulthara
    • Khamara
    • Sarinja
    • Artai
    • Lujara
    • Savindi
    • Yumora
    • Jukrin
    • Khlora
    • Alzunji
    • Kijara
    • Zulanja
    • Vrunja
    • Arkin
    • Zahijin

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