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Step into a world of chivalry, valour, and grand feasts with our medieval name generator! Whether you’re a lowly serf or a mighty king, we have a moniker for every medieval persona, so unsheathe your quill and prepare to be christened!

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    Medieval name examples with description

    Venture into the court with these names, each brimming with a tale as grand as a medieval saga. Get to know each character’s unique story right here!

    • Duchess Ermintrude – A noblewoman known for her charitable works in the poorest regions of her duchy.
    • Lord Godwine – An influential lord who worked to improve the agricultural efficiency of his lands.
    • Margravine Gisela – A powerful margravine who encouraged the arts and sciences in her court.
    • Baron Swidhelm – A loyal vassal who led his liege’s armies in numerous successful campaigns.
    • Queen Ælfflæd – A queen revered for her diplomatic prowess and maintaining peace during her reign.
    • Archbishop Oswiu – A religious leader known for establishing many monastic schools across the kingdom.
    • Maid Ealdgyth – A humble maiden who famously nursed wounded soldiers during the Crusades.
    • Prince Aethelred – A prince remembered for his scholarly pursuits and patronage of the university in Paris.
    • Empress Matilda – An empress known for her just rulings and vast knowledge of law.
    • Duke Wulfram – A duke known for his innovative methods of managing his estate’s finances.
    • Lady Leofrun – A lady who played a crucial role in establishing trading connections with the East.
    • King Hildebrand – A king who enacted major political reforms to strengthen the power of the monarchy.
    • Countess Mildrith – A countess renowned for her exquisite taste in art and architecture.
    • Knight Engelbert – A knight famous for his gallantry in battle and adherence to the code of chivalry.
    • Squire Beorhthild – A squire known for his courage, aspiring to become a knight.
    • Baroness Ethelind – A baroness remembered for her significant contributions to local healthcare.
    • Prince Leofwine – A prince who became a popular troubadour, enchanting the court with his songs.
    • Princess Godgifu – A princess known for her religious devotion and efforts in church reform.
    • Emperor Wolfgar – An emperor celebrated for his strategic brilliance in expanding his empire.
    • Margravine Hrotsvitha – A margravine renowned for her patronage of scholars and artists.
    • Serf Hereward – A serf whose skill in blacksmithing produced some of the finest weapons of the era.
    • Duchess Beatrice – A duchess admired for her wit and eloquence, often mediating in disputes among nobles.
    • Squire Cuthred – A squire known for his dedication and potential to become a great knight.
    • Princess Consort Adelie – A consort who skillfully managed palace affairs while her husband was at war.
    • King Arnulf – A king who brought about a golden age of prosperity and peace in his realm.
    Medieval Name Generator
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    More Medieval name ideas

    Fancy more time travel? Browse through these additional medieval names. There’s a whole kingdom of identities waiting to be discovered!


    • Duke Wulfram
    • Baronet Leobwin
    • Squire Cuthred
    • Count Hubertus
    • King Grimald
    • Knight Arkil
    • Prince Ludolf
    • Landgrave Ragnald
    • Peasant Frithegod
    • Serf Hereward
    • Archbishop Oswiu
    • Earl Wigmund
    • Marquis Ethelbald
    • King Pippin
    • Lord Godric
    • Baron Swidhelm
    • Duke Ceolmund
    • Squire Bertram
    • Margrave Tostig
    • Knight Engelbert


    • Baroness Gundred
    • Queen Editha
    • Duchess Herleva
    • Lady in Waiting Ealhswith
    • Maid Fredegund
    • Empress Matilda
    • Countess Alfgifu
    • Margravine Hrotsvitha
    • Princess Godgifu
    • Lady Leofrun
    • Viscountess Berengaria
    • Princess Consort Cynewise
    • Baroness Ethelind
    • Grand Duchess Hildrith
    • Peasant Aelfthryth
    • Queen Ælfflæd
    • Margravine Elfleda
    • Dame Eanswith
    • Countess Mildrith
    • Squire Beorhthild

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