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Whimsical, enchanting, and a touch mischievous – that’s the spirit of a fairy name. Ready to delve into the world of pixie dust and morning dew? Our fairy name generator is your magical starting point! Just click ‘Generate’ to unveil a list of 10 fairy names. Click again for more enchantment, and remember to save your favorites!

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    Fairy name examples with description

    Dipping our toes into a sprinkle of fairy charm, here are some sample names, each with a little story of its own. Every fairy has a tale to tell, after all.

    • Starfire Puddlewhisper – This male fairy is known for his nighttime escapades and soft lullabies.
    • Amaryllis Snowglisten – A female fairy, Amaryllis brings first snowflakes of winter with her magic.
    • Cedar Thunderrose – Cedar’s the male fairy who orchestrates the rosy hues during thunderstorms.
    • Coral Moonbloom – Coral, a female fairy, ensures the blooms under the moonlight.
    • Cobalt Morningrain – A male fairy who guides the morning rain to nourish the Earth.
    • Pearl Dewsprinkle – Pearl is a female fairy who adorns the morning grass with dew.
    • Berry Twilightsong – Berry’s the male fairy who sings the twilight into existence.
    • Juniper Breezecharm – Juniper, a female fairy, carries the scent of woodland on her charm-filled breeze.
    • Lark Silverflame – Lark is a male fairy with silver wings that flicker like a flame.
    • Daisy Twilightgem – Daisy, a female fairy, is known for her collection of twilight-colored gems.
    • Flint Cloudglisten – Flint, a male fairy, weaves the first light of day into the morning clouds.
    • Lilac Stardust – Lilac, a female fairy, sprinkles stardust into the night.
    • Basil Dawnfrost – Basil’s the male fairy who dusts the early morning leaves with frost.
    • Elm Windwhistle – Elm, a female fairy, harmonizes with the whistling wind.
    • Pippin Dreamdew – Pippin is a male fairy who brews dreams into the morning dew.
    • Hyacinth Iceglow – Hyacinth, a female fairy, radiates a soft glow in the icy winter nights.
    • Buckthorn Featherdrift – Buckthorn, a male fairy, scatters feathers that drift into children’s dreams.
    • Willow Twilightspark – Willow, a female fairy, ignites the sparks that twinkle at twilight.
    • Pine Songripple – Pine’s the male fairy who sends ripples of lullabies through the forest.
    • Buttercup Goldleaf – Buttercup, a female fairy, paints autumn leaves with touches of gold.
    • Sparrow Hazelwhirl – Sparrow’s the male fairy who stirs a whirl of hazel leaves in the fall.
    • Misty Berrytwinkle – Misty, a female fairy, twinkles the last of the evening’s berries.
    • Lichen Raindrizzle – Lichen, a male fairy, guides the raindrops to drizzle gently.
    • Lavender Moonwhisper – Lavender, a female fairy, whispers lullabies to the moon.
    • Ash Stormglitter – Ash is a male fairy who laces storms with a touch of glittering magic.
    Fairy Name Generator
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    More Fairy name ideas

    Still craving a dash of magic? These are more fairy names just waiting to flitter into your story, game, or whatever magical journey you’re on.


    • Elm Spriteglow
    • Frost Bubbletrill
    • Zinnia Flinttwirl
    • Moon Mintflare
    • Rye Thundervale
    • Persimmon Maplefall
    • Sage Pearlwhisper
    • River Sunshinewings
    • Flint Feathercharm
    • Pine Nighttrickle
    • Nutmeg Stardustbrook
    • Zephyr Hollyjingle
    • Juniper Windchime
    • Hawthorn Lavendertwirl
    • Whisper Pepperpetal
    • Quill Sweetbreeze
    • Fennel Springripple
    • Basil Crystalfrost
    • Sable Cloudpetal
    • Skyfire Whisperspark


    • Whisper Bumblebreeze
    • Petal Shadowglimmer
    • Celeste Cloudbeam
    • Dahlia Cherryshine
    • Pansy Dawnrain
    • Misty Blueglow
    • Coral Dreamfeather
    • Poppy Dewsprinkle
    • Olive Glitterbloom
    • Sparkle Rainripple
    • Aurora Thunderrose
    • Ivy Glittervine
    • Daisy Wintershine
    • Willow Stardust
    • Serenity Sugartwirl
    • Opal Mistybrook
    • Orchid Honeysplash
    • Silver Featherdrift
    • Joy Dewdazzle
    • Bluebell Windwhistle

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    Is the fairy name generator free to use?

    Yes. The fairy name generator is free for anyone to use.

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    Yes. We hand-pick all the names used in our fairy generator to ensure they’re 100% unique and relevant. You can use any of the names generated in your personal or commercial projects, assuming they aren’t trademarked already.

    Can I suggest a fairy name to be added to the generator?

    Yes. To suggest a new name for the fairy generator, leave a comment at the end of the page. If we deem it appropriate, we’ll add it in (and credit you of course).

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