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Hearty, imposing, and with a charm that’s truly their own — that’s the spirit of an ogre name. If you’re on the hunt for ogre names, this ogre name generator is the perfect place to begin! Press the ‘Generate’ button to show 10 ogre names. For an even greater variety, click again. Remember to jot down your favorites!

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    Ogre name examples with description

    Now here’s where the fun begins! These are examples of ogre names paired with a quick, intriguing description to inspire your imagination. Go on, dive in!

    • Gromgul – He carries a club larger than most trees, his presence alone inspiring terror.
    • Zolga – A fearsome female ogre, whose laughter can shake the earth beneath.
    • Urzog – Known far and wide for his cunning and love for the shiny things of the smaller folk.
    • Thrumgnar – An ancient ogre seer, he whispers prophecy to the wind and stars.
    • Yolbith – A matron of an ogre tribe, commanding respect with her stern gaze and wise words.
    • Grungrot – He wears a necklace of dragon teeth and boasts of battles with fire-breathing beasts.
    • Qrogna – Known for her bewitching beauty, she uses her charm to rule over her rivals.
    • Brolgund – His booming voice can be heard over the howl of the storm, guiding his clan home.
    • Yagrund – She is a revered healer, mending wounds with moss and mysterious herbs.
    • Wrothak – He is the jovial ogre bard, singing tales of old in the guttural tongue of his kind.
    • Skaglir – His one eye tells tales of battles fought and victories won.
    • Zurgula – She, the swamp ogre, can disappear completely within her murky domain.
    • Ghorbash – With muscles like mountain ridges, he is the undefeated champion of ogre wrestling.
    • Xulgnar – The scars on his skin are a testament to his courage and tenacity.
    • Prulga – She is known for her refined palate and ferocious appetite, devouring whole elk.
    • Irthog – A philosopher of sorts, pondering the mysteries of life, death, and where to find the best food.
    • Ogrulba – Renowned for her dexterous fingers, she’s the best ogre smith, making weapons and tools.
    • Groknar – He holds the record for toppling the most trees in a single charge.
    • Vurlga – She weaves magic and reality with the strings of her primitive ogre harp.
    • Krungon – A patient and methodical hunter, he can track prey for days without rest.
    • Brugnar – His breath is a cloud of frost in the heat of summer, a chilling sight to behold.
    • Agrot – Agrot’s stone sculpture garden is an unexpected display of gentleness and finesse.
    • Drulgor – Known for his quick wit and quicker temper, he is always at the heart of any dispute.
    • Trugna – She loves the warmth of a good fire and the taste of a well-roasted hog.
    • Shrognus – His stony silence is a fortress of solitude, undisturbed by the clamor around.

    More Ogre name ideas

    Can’t get enough of ogre names? Well, you’re in the right place! Here, you’ll find even more suggestions to tickle your fancy. Just remember: the best ogre name is the one that sounds just right to you.


    • Grotlus
    • Zorbas
    • Ugnar
    • Wrognus
    • Qarlog
    • Brundor
    • Yegrik
    • Harnok
    • Iltrog
    • Pluvor
    • Vinkrus
    • Grindal
    • Orluk
    • Xarnoth
    • Zundar
    • Fekror
    • Grostak
    • Noglor
    • Yurgnus
    • Krutog


    • Zirlog
    • Gredna
    • Bruslith
    • Ilngar
    • Wogthar
    • Pluzra
    • Arngal
    • Qubris
    • Flogna
    • Yirzar
    • Xugdar
    • Heslith
    • Krenda
    • Nogliar
    • Urdzar
    • Vrusgir
    • Snasdar
    • Kogzira
    • Grislog
    • Zudlith

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