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    Good Dragon Names

    In this section, we have an exciting array of hand-picked dragon names, each accompanied by a brief yet captivating description.

    • Zylrith, The Nightwing – Known for his shimmering black scales that glisten like the night sky.
    • Braumthar, The Frost Fang – This dragon’s breath could freeze even the molten core of a volcano.
    • Vindralin, The Sky Piercer – Soars to heights so extreme, it is said he could touch the stars.
    • Gorgulix, The Earth Shaker – His mighty roars are capable of causing the ground to quake beneath him.
    • Pyrexis, The Flameheart – Said to have a heart made of the purest, hottest flame.
    • Silvyrund, The Silver Whisper – Renowned for his gentle approach and whispers that echo through the valleys.
    • Cyrolith, The Icebound – A creature of the arctic, his icy presence can turn a summer’s day to winter.
    • Veondrith, The Crystal Eye – Possesses a gaze so penetrating, it’s as if he can see through time itself.
    • Aridon, The Lightbringer – Brightens even the darkest of nights, his glow is visible for miles around.
    • Quylthor, The Thunderous – His wings beat with the power and sound of a storm, shaking the heavens.
    • Idrilith, The Sapphire Flame – His blue fire burns hotter than any other, a true spectacle to behold.
    • Jorundath, The Dreamweaver – It is said that his presence can influence the dreams of the sleeping.
    • Tyralis, The Sea Serpent – Commands the tides, his form often mistaken for a rogue wave.
    • Orunthyr, The Windrider – He rides the gusts of wind like a leaf in the breeze, never missing a beat.
    • Xyldrith, The Star Gazer – Legend tells of his endless nights spent watching the stars.
    • Ulthrak, The Stormbringer – With each flap of his wings, thunderous storms are conjured.
    • Lyrathion, The Sunscale – His golden scales reflect the sunlight, setting the sky ablaze.
    • Thrandrion, The Time Keeper – His arrival and departure are as precise as the tick of a clock.
    • Faelrun, The Moonshadow – A master of stealth, appearing and disappearing with the moon phases.
    • Gyldroth, The Golden Fury – Known for his fiery temper and his shimmering, golden scales.
    • Kaelindar, The Peace Guardian – Despite his menacing appearance, he is the embodiment of tranquility.
    • Thundris, The Lightning Breath – His breath is a spectacle of sparking electricity, a true force of nature.
    • Veyrund, The Sky Guardian – The protector of the heavens, he defends his domain with a fierce loyalty.
    • Althun, The Emerald Wing – His wings glimmer like precious emeralds in the morning sun.
    • Zyraith, The Silent Serpent – With a flight as quiet as a whisper, he moves unseen and unheard.
    Good Dragon Names
    Photo by Carlos Cram on Unsplash

    Famous Dragon Names

    Here, you’ll find a selection of famous dragon names that have left a lasting impression in the annals of dragon mythology and pop culture.

    • Smaug – The greedy, gold-hoarding dragon from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.”
    • Draco – The talking dragon from the film “Dragonheart,” voiced by Sean Connery.
    • Falkor – The luckdragon from Michael Ende’s “The Neverending Story,” known for his dog-like appearance and joyful demeanor.
    • Toothless – The Night Fury dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon,” who becomes a loyal companion of the protagonist, Hiccup.
    • Mushu – The comical, tiny dragon from Disney’s “Mulan,” who serves as Mulan’s guardian and advisor.
    • Tiamat – The five-headed queen of evil dragons from Dungeons & Dragons, each head represents a different type of chromatic dragon.
    • Alduin – The World-Eater from “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” a feared black dragon and the primary antagonist of the game.
    • Fafnir – Originally a dwarf in Norse mythology, Fafnir turned into a dragon as a result of his greed and the curse of Andvari’s ring.
    • Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion – The three dragons raised by Daenerys Targaryen in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.
    • Shenron – The wish-granting dragon from the “Dragon Ball” series who can be summoned by collecting the seven Dragon Balls.

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