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    Clone name examples with description

    Prepare for an adventure in a galaxy far, far away with our assortment of example clone names! Each name comes with a backstory that showcases its unique skills and traits, truly embodying the diverse and complex world of Star Wars’ Clone Troopers.

    • CT-4285 – This clone is built with advanced combat skills and unparalleled resilience, having served on the front line several times.
    • Zephyr – Known for her unmatched piloting skills, Zephyr is remarkable not only for her genetic makeup but also for her courage under fire.
    • Jar’tennk – Descended from Jango Fett’s lineage, Jar’tennk is recognized for his distinctive armor design and aggressive combat style.
    • Relgork – Relgork, identified by his unique tattoo, is a clone who specializes in advanced military tactics.
    • QUA-885 – Highly obedient clone QUA-885 is a dependable soldier, valued for his commitment to the Republic.
    • Kilrag – Gifted clone Kilrag possesses physical and mental enhancements making him a highly valuable asset to the Republic’s army.
    • Weyl – Known for her uncanny accuracy with a DC-15 Blaster Rifle, Weyl has won numerous battles for the Republic.
    • CT-5529 – With an impressive record of service, CT-5529 demonstrates exceptional bravery and a strong sense of duty towards the Republic.
    • Brezzan – Brezzan, known for his innovative combat style, exhibits unique behavior despite his common clone origin.
    • Evynk – Evynk, a female clone with a remarkable resistance to diseases, is an incredible survivor on the battlefield.
    • MJB-012 – Having participated in numerous missions, MJB-012 has proved to be a reliable and efficient part of the Grand Army of the Republic.
    • Tornac – A clone by birth, Tornac accelerated maturity has endowed him with aggressive prowess in military tactics.
    • Sheldrix – Imprinted with Jango Fett’s genetic traits, Sheldrix has established a unique identity through his colorful hairstyles.
    • Eng’dar – Unique among the clones, Eng’dar’s nurturing persona has been a great asset in maintaining the morale of his fellow soldiers on the battlefield.
    • CT-4559 – Renowned for his resilience, CT-4559’s physical and cognitive enhancements have made him a formidable asset to the Grand Army of the Republic.
    • Quinth – Ascending the ranks through sheer hard work, Quinth is an excellent symbol of single-minded dedication towards serving the Republic.
    • LYQ-092 – Despite being constrained by an accelerated ageing process, LYQ-092 has proven herself as an unrivalled leader among the clone troopers.
    • Drassir – Drassir, a clone known for his agility, has served meritoriously in many combat scenarios, with his beyond-human resilience.
    • Sev’arr – Always seen with a distinctive variation of the signature white armor, Sev’arr is a clone who has proven instrumental in numerous successful missions.
    • KJN-700 – A clone with an unquestioned obedience to the Republic, KJN-700 has thrived in her specialty in recon and stealth operations.
    • Rendyk – Less prone to disease thanks to his advanced genetic make-up, Rendyk has confidently led numerous expeditions under harsh environments.
    • Prael – Known for her distinct hairstyle, Prael’s distinctive personality traits have helped her forge a unique identity among her clone brethren.
    • CT-9876 – Enlisted at a young age, CT-9876 has matured rapidly and proven his mettle as a relentless soldier on the battlefield.
    • Vatrak – Vatrak, known for his stoic nature, embodies the spirit of the clone trooper with his unwavering loyalty towards the Republic.
    • ATE-001 – Despite being one of the last line of clone troopers, ATE-001 has played a pivotal role in the transition from the era of the Clones to the reign of the Stormtroopers.
    Clone Name Generator

    Male Clone names

    • Monarc
    • CT-508
    • CT-5095
    • Torch
    • CT-159
    • Vrax
    • CT-76
    • Grit
    • Kryo
    • Strike
    • Nero
    • Hank
    • CT-723
    • ZT-6611
    • ZI-2423
    • CT-754
    • Tank
    • GT-4492
    • CK-3881
    • Tremor

    Female Clone names

    • CT-407
    • CT-206
    • ZA-5123
    • CT-784
    • Jade
    • CT-713
    • Silk
    • Luna
    • Vex
    • Elara
    • Tundra
    • CT-329
    • Venus
    • CT-904
    • CT-903
    • XC-6612
    • CT-704
    • Thorn
    • Ivy
    • PE-2391

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