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Curious, mischievous, and cunning — that’s the essence of a goblin name. Whether you’re aiming to be the wittiest trickster or the most feared warrior in your tribe, this goblin name generator is here to help you find the perfect moniker!

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    Goblin name examples with description

    Take a peek at these interesting goblin names paired with a brief description. Each one has a unique twist to give you some creative juice!

    • Skrug – A warrior at heart, Skrug is always the first to lead his tribe into battle.
    • Frizquex – The female trickster of the group, Frizquex is notorious for her elaborate pranks.
    • Triz – Triz’s knack for finding hidden paths and secret passages is uncanny, even for a goblin.
    • Joozt – Despite his small stature, Joozt is respected by all for his fearless spirit.
    • Gleamstris – With her sparkling eyes and quick fingers, Gleamstris is the tribe’s expert gem thief.
    • Brix – Brix’s unmatched ability to repair anything from weapons to shelters has made her indispensable to her tribe.
    • Druzz – Known for his booming laugh, Druzz often lifts the spirits of his tribe.
    • Oysfia – Oysfia’s enchanting voice and storytelling skills have earned her the title of tribe’s bard.
    • Prizquar – Prizquar’s strength and tactical skill make him a formidable foe in any battle.
    • Azki – With her soft touch and understanding nature, Azki often cares for the young goblins of the tribe.
    • Traq – Known for his speed and agility, Traq is the quickest runner in his tribe.
    • Fayqalde – Fayqalde, with her deep knowledge of herbs, serves as the tribe’s healer.
    • Iqlo – Iqlo’s clever mind and innovative ideas make him the tribe’s problem solver.
    • Ezga – The runt of her litter, Ezga defied the odds to become a skillful hunter.
    • Grolvix – Grolvix’s knowledge of the stars and the moon’s phases is unrivaled, making him the tribe’s navigator.
    • Lurus – Lurus, despite her small size, is feared for her fierce strength and courage in battle.
    • Cik – Cik’s expertise in trap-setting has saved his tribe from many potential threats.
    • Mordee – Known for her beautiful weaving skills, Mordee is the tribe’s artisan.
    • Nugg – Nugg, with his deep, rumbling voice, is the tribe’s announcer and town crier.
    • Risp – Despite being a goblin, Risp has an unusual affinity for animals and serves as the tribe’s beast master.
    • Vrinsha – Vrinsha’s unmatched skills in brewing potent potions make her a valuable asset to her tribe.
    • Ubalag – Known for his relentless work ethic, Ubalagg is the tribe’s most diligent worker.
    • Spib – A fierce warrior and the tribe’s guardian, Spib is revered by her fellow goblins.
    • Hares – Hares’s uncanny ability to disappear into shadows has made him the tribe’s spy.
    • Zuru – Zuru, with his bright personality and quick wit, is the tribe’s beloved jester.
    Goblin Name Generator
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    More Goblin name ideas

    Still haven’t found the right fit? Don’t worry, here’s a list of more goblin names. Dive in and see which one captures your goblin spirit!


    • Brugnet
    • Stroind
    • Blaizgleb
    • Skrork
    • Prutzeid
    • Quorp
    • Flizp
    • Osmurk
    • Gleetzraad
    • Huorgrit
    • Snurzle
    • Skroign
    • Drunzord
    • Gloask
    • Krugmurt
    • Pliungrish
    • Tretzboark
    • Hruibstrig
    • Skrastoid
    • Pleksmag


    • Eiblusk
    • Reshik
    • Nazibet
    • Yelm
    • Breqrashe
    • Snizgarfa
    • Elzgrix
    • Hirslikza
    • Jittuhle
    • Frizzio
    • Oftmerin
    • Zriftize
    • Tuostrale
    • Glazsikee
    • Frysziiksa
    • Drikszalee
    • Plophziusna
    • Lezmiha
    • Glanisee
    • Fatnirsa

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    Is the goblin name generator free to use?

    Yes. The goblin name generator is free for anyone to use.

    Are the names in the goblin generator unique?

    Yes. We hand-pick all the names used in our goblin generator to ensure they’re 100% unique and relevant. You can use any of the names generated in your personal or commercial projects, assuming they aren’t trademarked already.

    Can I suggest a goblin name to be added to the generator?

    Yes. To suggest a new name for the goblin generator, leave a comment at the end of the page. If we deem it appropriate, we’ll add it in (and credit you of course).

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