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In the mighty halls of the Dwarven clans, names are filled with the echoes of great deeds and legendary crafts. With this dwarf name generator, you’re about to embark on a journey of discovery into the depth of these powerful monikers. Ready to delve into the ancient stone and strike gold? Just hit ‘Generate’ to forge 10 dwarf names out of the anvil. For more choices, click again and keep your favorites close!

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    Dwarf name examples with description

    These are not your everyday names, but reflections of Dwarven heritage, engraved with a tale as old as the mountains themselves.

    • Dhungrak Flintbrow – Known for his sharp insight into matters as sharp as the flint he carries in his brows.
    • Gudrunna Coppervein – Her lifeblood seems to course with the tenacity and resilience of copper.
    • Kragdith Ironfist – A dwarf whose fists have shaped as many destinies as they have iron.
    • Frundrina Silverheart – She carries a heart as lustrous and invaluable as the finest silver.
    • Tharbruk Frostbeard – Known for his chilly disposition, as cold as his icy beard.
    • Grungrolm Goldenshield – A protector with a heart as pure as the gold shield he wields.
    • Dhungrim Steeltooth – His bite in negotiations is as formidable as steel, earning him respect and awe.
    • Bronbrilda Emberhand – Her fiery spirit sparks through her touch, igniting inspiration and awe.
    • Frugrot Stoneshaper – A master mason, shaping stones as easily as words.
    • Thandrina Frostbrow – Her cool demeanour and icy gaze can quench the most fiery of disputes.
    • Kragrum Boulderfoot – As sturdy and unmovable as the boulder, his resolve is legendary.
    • Durgrak Coalheart – His heart burns with the intensity of coal, lighting the way for many.
    • Ghuldrina Mithrilhand – Renowned for her skill in shaping mithril, her handiwork is sought after by many.
    • Zargrak Flamebeard – His fiery passion is as striking and vibrant as the flame in his beard.
    • Huldith Silverbrow – Her wisdom shines as bright as silver in her eyes.
    • Thangrod Hammerarm – Known for his strength, his arm swings a hammer like none other.
    • Gurdrak Ironvein – As steadfast and unyielding as iron, he is a pillar in the community.
    • Frukgrunna Rockskin – Her resilience is as enduring as the rock, making her an indomitable force.
    • Drungrim Steelbeard – A tough dwarf whose beard has seen the heat of a thousand forges.
    • Brundrina Emberbrow – Her fiery resolve and spirit can be seen in her eyes.
    • Thurgrom Copperarm – His arms have worked copper into many a legendary artifact.
    • Khragdith Gemheart – His generous spirit and heart are as precious as the gems he mines.
    • Grungrunna Frostshield – Her cool composure serves as an icy shield in the face of adversity.
    • Drungruk Flamefoot – Known for his fast, fiery pace – he’s as swift and unstoppable as wildfire.
    • Huldrak Coalskin – His skin has been darkened by the forge’s glow, a testament to his dedication and hard work.

    More Dwarf name ideas

    We’ve dug deeper into the mine to unearth more Dwarven names for you. Check em out below.


    • Drunbeard Flintarm
    • Blakdan Ironhammer
    • Grikgrun Steelfoot
    • Hukthoak Frostfist
    • Brolmumin Copperhead
    • Thrummok Smeltvein
    • Brumbor Heavybraid
    • Khradgroun Redstone
    • Gruzzun Emberbrow
    • Thakhoth Axebearer
    • Hrumrik Metalbelly
    • Ghurzad Goldendigger
    • Krundrom Stoutshield
    • Ruzdrum Thunderaxe
    • Ghranrak Stonestomach
    • Thakgroun Bronzechest
    • Brozzik Forgewarden
    • Dhokgrun Coldbeard
    • Bhugrumli Silvervein
    • Khrousdroun Rubyeye


    • Thrunrilda Ironbrow
    • Dhundrada Frosthand
    • Brondodith Coalfall
    • Zorbrunna Flamebender
    • Gurdrilda Stoneheart
    • Khakholine Goldenshield
    • Grumrada Firefoot
    • Borgrinna Hammerthane
    • Hrukthilyn Frostbeard
    • Bragdona Sapphirehand
    • Thungrunna Ironfury
    • Skondrilda Granitebraid
    • Zolfrilda Emberbrow
    • Bhukrida Firevein
    • Thramrunna Frostbrow
    • Ghradona Steelheart
    • Khrugdrada Thunderaxe
    • Thrakrinna Earthhand
    • Zolbrilyn Steelbeard
    • Dhugrida Brighteye

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