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Get ready to enter the vibrant world of the Fae with our Fae name generator. Draped in mystique and shimmering allure, this generator is your portal to their ethereal names. Click ‘Generate’ to reveal a magical Fae name, each imbued with the charm of the Feywild. Keep exploring for more options and be sure to save your favorites!

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    Fae names with descriptions

    Get ready to immerse yourself in these magical Fae names, each dazzles with an imaginative backstory that gives a glimpse into the enchanting realm they inhabit. Like the Fae themselves, each name is unique and carries its own touch of whimsy and allure.

    • Pixie Dewflutter – A petite Fae known for her lightning-fast movements that resemble flitting dewdrops.
    • Orion Starwhisper – A Fae whose captivating tales of the cosmos can render even the stars spellbound.
    • Meadow Lilypearl – With a connection as deep as the roots of a lily, she’s known to converse with nature itself.
    • Frost Moonscape – A crisp, cool Fae of the Unseelie Court, he moonlights as a sculptor of ice and frost.
    • Saffron Sunbeam – Radiating the warmth of the sun, this Fae revels in illumination, brightness and laughter.
    • Indigo Nightblossom – This Fae comes alive under the moonlight, where his songs bring forth nocturnal blooms.
    • Scout Peachdream – Agile and adventurous, this Fae likes to explore the dawn-touched corners of the Feywild.
    • Cirrus Skyloft – She possesses an uncanny ability to glide effortlessly on the gentlest of breezes, a true creature of the sky.
    • Poppy Windwhirl – A feisty Fae who loves to ride the whirlwinds, causing a flurry of poppy petals wherever she goes.
    • Locket Starbrill – Known for his pockets filled with stardust, he can create fantastic illusions that dazzle the eye.
    • Vesper Duskwing – A graceful Fae, her silhouettes against the setting sun create breathtaking moments of awe.
    • Sparrow Briskbreeze – Agile and sprightly, he is often found darting merrily along the eddies of the wind.
    • Pepper Mintspark – A bubbly Fae fond of causing mischief with her crisp, tingling magic tricks.
    • Quill Hazelink – Known for his beautiful verse, he can pen poems that move the stoic mountain and calm the raging seas.
    • Rune Glitterstep – With every footfall sparkling with glamour, her dance is like a living, enchanting rune.
    • Thistle Frostgleam – A fair Fae associated with the chill of winter, his presence is heralded by the gleam on frostbitten leaves.
    • Aster Raindance – Known to sway and spin with the rhythm of the rain, her dance brings forth the bloom of aster flowers.
    • Honey Willowwhisp – Graceful like a willow, she is the keeper of secrets and whispers of the Feywild.
    • Echo Stormdrift – A Fae with a tempestuous spirit, his presence echoes with the intensity of a brewing storm.
    • Luna Silverstream – This Fae’s iridescent wings reflect the serene flow of a moonlit stream.
    • Solstice Goldenglow – Known to bathe in the warm hues of the solstice sun, his glow can light up any darkened path.
    • Blossom Petalplay – Often found amidst a whirl of petals, her playful charm can beguile the coldest hearts.
    • Violet Dewsong – Her melody mirrors the soft pitter patter of morning dew, enchanting all within earshot.
    • Pippin Greenwhirl – A Fae who holds dominion over the swirls of verdant magic that permeate the Feywild.
    • Lyric Lovelyquill – This Fae’s prose intricately weaves the stories of the Feywild that spellbind her audiences.
    Fae Name Generator

    Male Fae names

    • Forest Firerain
    • Colt Canyonblitz
    • Bumble Stonegleam
    • Sulphur Skytwilight
    • Clover Pebblespark
    • Leafy Sparrowprance
    • Harley Cloudrift
    • Dennis Flatlope
    • Poppy Rainbloom
    • Drift Frostnight
    • Errol Willowtide
    • Crispin Cloudcharm
    • Kestrel Valorclip
    • Dapple Nightmoth
    • Elm Dusktwist
    • Berry Stardrift
    • Midnight Eagleroyal
    • Leo Iciclesparkle
    • Remy Quillsteed
    • Draco Pearldive

    Female Fae names

    • Tansy Blossomsnow
    • Echo Streamglow
    • Epona Thundermist
    • Stella Nightfrost
    • Annis Willowtwist
    • Rose Thornshine
    • Bliccy Stardust
    • Denise Frostsparkle
    • Hazel Cloudweave
    • Crystal Snowflurry
    • Shirley Snowstorm
    • Minty Starflake
    • Mist Wintergleam
    • Sage Gladefrost
    • Bethan Cloudsheen
    • Dawn Petalprance
    • Talia Duskflame
    • Lyssa Shadowdream
    • Emily Snowdream
    • Opal Icegust

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