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Brutish, fearsome, and compelling — that’s the essence of an orc name. (Just imagine the notoriety of Grimgor or the wisdom of Dushnikh!) If you’re in the market for orc names, this orc name generator is built to be your trailhead into the rugged orcish terrain!

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    Orc name examples with description

    Want to take your orc characters beyond the realm of mere names? Right here, we have orc names coupled with a bite-sized backstory for each. Get ready to meet orcs from different walks of life, from seasoned warlords to wise shamans, all with their unique stories!

    • Grimgor – A fierce orc warlord, his tusks notched from numerous duels for dominance.
    • Uglúk – A relentless tracker, his yellow eyes glow with predatory anticipation.
    • Gorbag – Cunning and deceptive, he is feared for his deadly ambush tactics.
    • Dushnikh – A heavily scarred, stoic orc elder known for his profound wisdom and unforgiving combat prowess.
    • Zogdûsh – Known for his relentless ferocity, his enemies fear the thunderous roar of his battle cry.
    • Malmûg – With a stern gaze and fearsome stature, he is a respected blacksmith in the orcish tribe.
    • Snaglak – A young, energetic orc with an insatiable curiosity and a taste for mischief.
    • Grishnákh – A battle-hardened veteran, his tall frame etched with the marks of countless wars.
    • Gorosh – A mighty orc chieftain, his presence commands respect and obedience.
    • Karguk – A shaman of the tribe, his uncanny insights have guided his people through many hardships.
    • Bagrish – This female orc warrior wields her battle-axe with a deadly grace.
    • Gazbag – An unusually agile orc, he excels in the dark art of assassination.
    • Gorgol – Despite his massive frame and brutish strength, he possesses a surprisingly gentle soul.
    • Morbash – This fearsome orc berserker embodies the raw fury and indomitable spirit of his tribe.
    • Naruga – Known for her keen intellect and strategic mind, she is a mastermind behind the tribe’s victories.
    • Orsha – A female orc scout, swift and silent as a whisper on the wind.
    • Skabgut – A skilled orc ranger, his survival skills are second to none.
    • Ghorbash – Unusually patient for an orc, he’s known for his expert trap-making.
    • Kurog – Known for his powerful voice, he is the tribe’s revered bard and storyteller.
    • Brogakh – A feared female orc chieftain, her command of the warband is absolute.
    • Lashnak – With her powerful build and fierce temperament, she is an expert beastmaster.
    • Durotan – A legendary orc, his name is synonymous with honor and courage in orcish lore.
    • Morglum – An old orc, his presence is comforting, his wisdom guiding the tribe through decades of upheaval.
    • Thargrum – A respected elder, his keen mind and vast experience are invaluable to his tribe’s survival.
    • Zaruka – A female orc shaman, her mystical powers and profound wisdom are revered by all.

    More Orc name ideas

    Thirsty for more of that orcish nomenclature? Here you go! Dive into a horde of additional names, perfect for populating your orcish tribes or inspiring your next adventure. Remember, each name is a story waiting to be unfurled!


    • Zhorlak
    • Ornak
    • Ragnog
    • Brulgroth
    • Jardak
    • Korgum
    • Durbag
    • Balzog
    • Truknath
    • Grurthak
    • Orkuz
    • Felmork
    • Guzgrom
    • Horgul
    • Yarguk
    • Karugash
    • Turzog
    • Wroggul
    • Ogzor
    • Dornak


    • Kargasha
    • Durgol
    • Snagrat
    • Orzara
    • Murbolga
    • Ruzgasha
    • Zorbulga
    • Borgash
    • Lurgush
    • Wurzob
    • Garbulga
    • Urgat
    • Zargol
    • Murbug
    • Borgat
    • Dorzga
    • Brugasha
    • Vorgusha
    • Snagat
    • Lagrash

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    Yes. We hand-pick all the names used in our orc generator to ensure they’re 100% unique and relevant. You can use any of the names generated in your personal or commercial projects, assuming they aren’t trademarked already.

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    Yes. To suggest a new name for the orc generator, leave a comment at the end of the page. If we deem it appropriate, we’ll add it in (and credit you of course).

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