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Magnificent, mythical, and sky-soaring — that’s what encapsulates a Pegasus name. If you’re seeking inspiration for such names, look no further! Our pegasus name generator is designed to be your one-stop shop. To embark on this magical journey, click the ‘Generate’ button to unleash 10 Pegasus names. Keep clicking for more names, and remember to jot down your favorites!

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    Pegasus name examples with description

    Here’s a handy list of example Pegasus names, each accompanied with a one-liner that’s as creative and inspiring as the name itself. A blend of majestic names awaits you!

    • Aeolix – Aeolix, with his name originating from the keeper of the winds in Greek mythology, is believed to control the breeze as he flies.
    • Thalassia – Named after the sea goddess, Thalassia is said to have the ability to create waves in the sky as she soars.
    • Hyperionus – Hyperionus, like the Titan of light, is said to gleam brightly, casting a silvery light when he flies at night.
    • Eirenara – Eirenara, the peaceful one, is known for her calm presence and the tranquility that follows her flight.
    • Astraeanthe – Named after the starry flower, Astraeanthe is said to leave a trail of sparkling stardust behind her when she gallops across the sky.
    • Orphelex – Orphelex, named after the legendary musician and poet in Greek mythology, is said to create harmonious sounds with his wings during flight.
    • Helianthe – As radiant as the sun itself, Helianthe shines brightly, her presence banishing shadows on the ground below.
    • Aetherion – Aetherion, named after the god of light and the upper air, is known to soar at great heights, often disappearing among the clouds.
    • Nyxandra – Named after the Greek goddess of night, Nyxandra is believed to guide the stars and moon in their nightly journey.
    • Metisius – Metisius, the wise one, is said to possess divine knowledge and inspire great leaders with his presence.
    • Galenea – Galenea, the calm one, is said to soothe the winds and bring peace to the turbulent skies.
    • Styxion – Named after the river of the underworld, Styxion is known for his fearless flight into the unknown and the courage he embodies.
    • Irisandra – Named after the rainbow messenger of the gods, Irisandra is said to reflect a spectrum of colors from her wings as she flies under the sunlight.
    • Uranomia – Named after the muse of astronomy, Uranomia is believed to guide constellations on their celestial paths.
    • Zephyron – Zephyron, the gentle one, named after the west wind, is believed to bring the soft touch of spring as he flies across the land.
    • Eosette – Eosette, named after the goddess of dawn, is known to awaken the day, her flight heralding the rise of the sun.
    • Oceastus – Named after the mighty ocean, Oceastus is said to be as vast in his strength as he is mysterious.
    • Calaeno – Calaeno, named after one of the Pleiades, is said to shimmer with a subtle, distant light, just like her namesake star.
    • Pontusix – Pontusix, named after the ancient, pre-Olympian sea god, is known to control the rain and the weather.
    • Antheia – Named after the goddess of flowers and wreaths, Antheia is believed to spread the scent of blossoming flowers as she flies.
    • Dionysix – Dionysix, named after the god of wine and ecstasy, is said to bring joy and wild freedom with his presence.
    • Gaialee – Named after the primal Earth goddess, Gaialee is believed to possess the strength of mountains and the gentle nurturance of fertile valleys.
    • Aetherelle – Drawing her name from the Greek god of the upper sky, Aetherelle dances in the highest reaches of the sky, where day merges with night. Her wings are said to reflect the very colors of sunrise and sunset, a breathtaking spectacle for those fortunate enough to witness.
    • Seleneion – Bearing the name of the ancient Greek moon goddess, Seleneion illuminates the night with his silvery glow. It’s believed that he guides the moon on its nightly path, and his majestic presence instills tranquility in the darkest hours.
    • Harmonaria – Named after the Greek concept of harmony and unity, Harmonaria is the essence of balance and serenity. Her flight is said to embody perfect rhythm and grace, and her presence brings peace to turbulent skies.
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    More Pegasus name ideas

    Need more options? No worries! Dive into this collection of additional Pegasus names, each one unique and designed to spark your imagination. Go ahead, let these names take flight!


    • Tholomus
    • Xystrius
    • Bellerion
    • Orphelex
    • Quironis
    • Veridion
    • Penthior
    • Yulidus
    • Steliarus
    • Harpyon
    • Pyroion
    • Itheonis
    • Zephyrion
    • Meteonix
    • Lyxendus
    • Arcturion
    • Aelonis
    • Thalassion
    • Nymphalor
    • Galatious


    • Calypsonia
    • Asteria
    • Nyxandra
    • Dianora
    • Selenera
    • Helianthe
    • Gaialee
    • Antheia
    • Eirenesia
    • Irisandra
    • Hebeatia
    • Rheaona
    • Thalassia
    • Eurybia
    • Daphanara
    • Perseis
    • Thetia
    • Metisenia
    • Hemeralia
    • Theialee

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