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Whimsical, earth-bound, and ingenious — these are the hallmarks of a gnome’s name. Ready to dive into their charming, subterranean world? Our gnome name generator is your compass into the mystical labyrinth of gnome nomenclature! Give the ‘Generate’ button a click, and start exploring a trove of unique gnome names. Fancy a name? Click again for more wonders, and bookmark your favorites.

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    Gnome name examples with description

    Deep within the bedrock of this generator, you’ll uncover our curated list of gnome names, each one twinkling with a nugget of descriptive lore. Let these names and their stories guide your underground expedition.

    • Smunglima – A skilled gem-cutter, known for her meticulous work and earth magic.
    • Glablisspa – A healer in her gnome community, she blends earth magic with medicinal herbs.
    • Tiblinbel – A revered storyteller, she holds the wisdom of her clan’s history.
    • Klonmot – An adventurous gnome known for his ability to navigate complex underground tunnels.
    • Brinbelia – She is the keeper of her clan’s lore, skilled in magic and fluent in ancient scripts.
    • Praggnoc – A gifted blacksmith, Praggnoc is respected for his creativity in crafting unique artifacts.
    • Hynglibna – A renowned herbalist and botanist, tending to the underground flora with magic and care.
    • Glidbisspa – A poet and diplomat, she weaves magic into her words to maintain peace within her community.
    • Klabgnirt – A master toymaker, spreading joy and enchantment to gnome children with his creations.
    • Yenglibri – A wise matriarch, she guides her clan with her deep wisdom and nurturing spirit.
    • Smidlibna – Known for her intricate weaving, she creates garments that embody the essence of the earth.
    • Brablifla – An energetic gnome who has an uncanny ability to find the finest gems.
    • Draggot – The guardian of an ancient treasure, he uses his earth magic to protect his clan’s legacy.
    • Pidblifla – A quiet, contemplative gnome, skilled in the crafting of magical amulets and charms.
    • Tondabrisspa – Known for her melodic voice, she sings songs of old to strengthen her community’s bonds.
    • Grongnot – A masterful brewer, he creates potions and elixirs using unique underground ingredients.
    • Smidbiflor – A talented gardener, she tends to the luminous underground mushrooms with a gentle hand.
    • Yambert – A jovial gnome who loves sharing stories around a hearty meal, he’s the heart of his clan’s social gatherings.
    • Grinjick – A brave explorer, he is always at the front when it comes to discovering new tunnel systems.
    • Snaflibna – A gifted artist, she creates stunning mosaics with the gems found in their underground dwellings.
    • Glablifri – A peaceful gnome sage, she provides counsel and advice to others with her profound wisdom.
    • Yiblini – A playful and energetic gnome who’s the fastest runner in her community.
    • Glegzwug – Known for his wisdom and wit, Glegzwug is the clan’s historian and librarian.
    • Trangmoc – An artisan who crafts unique furniture from the roots of subterranean trees.
    • Smunglibel – Known for her kind heart, she takes care of the gnome community’s youngsters with warmth and love.
    Gnome Name Generator
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    More Gnome name ideas

    Still haven’t found the perfect fit? Don’t worry, our tunnels run deep. Here, you’ll discover even more gnome names, each one as unique and delightful as a gem in the rock. Happy digging!


    • Jomkiknust
    • Glisberwum
    • Snezbevick
    • Feegnismog
    • Ormratog
    • Glekraack
    • Hidnertust
    • Brotvirzig
    • Klomgnack
    • Fronglurt
    • Yergomrust
    • Trogmognart
    • Prekdibnock
    • Cregbeyrt
    • Snomkubist
    • Prangnordust
    • Yimmisnot
    • Blurnvirsmot
    • Grinjick
    • Troswert


    • Flindafni
    • Smablipa
    • Yerditress
    • Glintabe
    • Hyrnynda
    • Niblaflor
    • Blevissni
    • Smidlibel
    • Almidabri
    • Felindina
    • Grabnath
    • Cribrasmel
    • Pidbelia
    • Frugnisspa
    • Smunglima
    • Tondablia
    • Fribnafla
    • Crispabri
    • Blidabna
    • Yenglibel

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