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    Good Mermaid Names

    Below is an enchanting list of good mermaid names each coupled with a unique description to spark your imagination.

    • Galene – Serene as a calm sea, she brings tranquility wherever she swims.
    • Thalassia – Named after the spirit of the sea, she commands the currents like no other.
    • Marinelle – A mermaid who adores exploring underwater caves and sparkling grottos.
    • Elara – She has a heart as vast and mysterious as the moon she is named after.
    • Sirena – Known for her enchanting voice, sailors are drawn to her siren song.
    • Aquata – Gifted in water manipulation, she can dance amidst swirling water columns.
    • Undina – Protector of freshwater springs and streams, she carries the scent of lilies.
    • Calypso – Born of the wild waves, her songs bring solace to lost sea creatures.
    • Coralia – Keeper of the coral reefs, she adorns herself with the colours of the sea.
    • Nereida – A mermaid revered for her wisdom, she navigates the deep currents of knowledge.
    • Llyr – Fierce and noble, she leads her pod through the underwater kingdom.
    • Amphora – A mermaid who treasures the ancient stories contained in her seashell collection.
    • Zale – Known for her strength, she swims against the strongest tides.
    • Nyx – As elusive as the night, she hides in the shadows, under moonlit waves.
    • Sapphira – Her azure scales shimmer like sapphire gems, lighting up the ocean depths.
    • Delphine – She has a unique bond with dolphins and can communicate with them.
    • Dorinda – A mermaid who brings joy, her laughter is as melodious as a harp.
    • Caspiana – Named after the Caspian Sea, she embodies its wild, untamed spirit.
    • Marcelline – She has a love for sea creatures, healing and caring for the sick and injured.
    • Melite – With a heart as sweet as honey, she brings peace and harmony in her wake.
    • Seraphina – As radiant as a seraph, her aura brightens even the darkest ocean abyss.
    • Thetis – A mystical mermaid known for her prophecies and wisdom of the sea.
    • Cerulea – With scales as blue as the sky, she represents the unity of sea and heavens.
    • Vellamo – This mermaid controls the waves and tides, named after the goddess of water.
    • Oceane – Epitome of the vast sea, her soul resonates with the ebb and flow of the ocean.

    Famous Mermaid Names

    Below we’ve compiled a list of names that celebrate the most famous mermaids from the world of movies, TV shows, and folklore.

    • Ariel – The iconic red-haired mermaid from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” who yearns to live on land.
    • Melody – Ariel’s adventurous daughter in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.”
    • Madison – The lead mermaid character from the movie “Splash,” who has the ability to live as a human.
    • Aquamarine – The titular character from the movie “Aquamarine,” a mermaid who can assume human form on land.
    • Sirena – One of the three mermaids from the TV series “Mako Mermaids,” who has the power to control water.
    • Cleo – From the TV series “H2O: Just Add Water,” she discovers her mermaid powers after coming into contact with water from the Moon Pool.
    • Nixie – From the series “Mako Mermaids,” a water-controlling mermaid banished from her pod.
    • Rikki – A character from “H2O: Just Add Water,” who gains mermaid abilities and the power to boil water.
    • Serena – The mermaid with a golden tail from the “Barbie: The Pearl Princess” movie.
    • Lorelei – The lead mermaid character in the movie “The Mermaid’s Song,” who possesses a captivating singing voice.

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