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Welcome to our panda names list, where we have compiled a treasure trove of adorable and creative names for your fluffy friend! Our panda name generator will make your search for the perfect name as enjoyable as a frolic with your cuddly companion.

To begin, simply click the ‘Generate’ button to produce a list of 10 random panda names. Keep clicking for more options, and don’t forget to save your favorites before selecting the one that best suits your adorable panda pal.

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    Funny Panda Names

    Looking for a giggle? Check out these hilarious panda names guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

    • Bamboozle
    • Pandamonium
    • Chubby Wubby
    • Bear Hugger
    • Black-Eyed Pea
    • Pandalorian
    • Fuzzball
    • Sir Fluffington
    • Cuddlezilla
    • Pandacake
    • Waddle Waddle
    • Bambam Boo
    • Panda Express
    • Rolling Bear-y
    • Puffalump
    • Bear Necessity
    • Noodle Bear
    • Snugglesaurus
    • Captain Cuddles
    • Boo Boo Bear

    Cute Panda Names

    Discover a world of irresistibly charming names perfect for your cuddly companion.

    • Bao Bao
    • Mei Mei
    • Tofu
    • Mochi
    • Bamboo
    • Ling Ling
    • Yuki
    • Oreo
    • Pebbles
    • Panda Paws
    • Pippin
    • Blossom
    • Beary
    • Pixie
    • Luna
    • Mimi
    • Suki
    • Po (from Kung Fu Panda)
    • Harmony
    • Ziggy

    Male Panda Names

    Explore a diverse selection of strong and distinctive names for your male panda.

    • Bambino
    • Zen
    • Bamboozer
    • Thunder
    • Mowgli
    • Pudge
    • Ollie
    • Wasabi
    • Tao
    • Zorro
    • Cuddlesworth
    • Summit
    • Whiskers
    • Bonsai
    • Pawsanova
    • Cloud
    • Winston
    • Smokey
    • Juniper
    • Bearon

    Female Panda Names

    Delight in our collection of elegant and enchanting names for your female panda.

    • Bambina
    • Blossom
    • Luna
    • Jasmine
    • Mei Li
    • Pearl
    • Cinnamon
    • Pixie
    • Willow
    • Zara
    • Breezy
    • Amethyst
    • Sugar
    • Cleopatra
    • Pippa
    • Coco
    • Rosie
    • Stardust
    • Misty
    • Kiara

    Famous Panda Names

    Celebrate the stars of the panda world with these well-known and beloved names.

    • Chi Chi – Chi Chi was a beloved giant panda who resided at the London Zoo from 1958 to 1972 and helped increase public awareness about pandas.
    • Ling Ling – Ling Ling was a famous male giant panda given as a gift from China to Japan in 1972, who lived in the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo until 2008.
    • Hua Mei – Hua Mei, born in 1999 at the San Diego Zoo, was the first surviving giant panda cub born in the United States.
    • Tai Shan – Tai Shan, born in 2005 at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C., became a media sensation and symbol of U.S.-China diplomacy.
    • Bao Bao – Bao Bao, Tai Shan’s younger sister, was born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in 2013 and captured the hearts of millions before her relocation to China.
    • Bei Bei – Bei Bei, another sibling of Tai Shan and Bao Bao, was born in 2015 at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and charmed the world with his playful antics.
    • Xiang Xiang – Xiang Xiang, born in 2017, is a female giant panda at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo, whose name means “fragrance” in Chinese.
    • Ya Ya – Ya Ya, a female giant panda, has been a resident of the Memphis Zoo since 2003 and has been a popular attraction for visitors.
    • Mei Xiang – Mei Xiang, the mother of Tai Shan, Bao Bao, and Bei Bei, has been a resident of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo since 2000.
    • Tuan Tuan – Tuan Tuan, a male giant panda, was gifted to Taiwan by China in 2008 as a symbol of unity and lives at the Taipei Zoo.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the panda name generator free?

    Yes. The panda name generator is free for anyone to use.

    Can I use the panda generator multiple times?

    Yes. You can generate as many panda names as you like. Simply click the ‘Generate’ button to refresh the names being shown.

    Are the names in the panda generator unique?

    Yes. We hand-pick all the names used in our panda generator to ensure they’re 100% unique and relevant.

    Can I suggest a panda name to be added to the generator?

    Yes. To suggest a new name for the panda generator, leave a comment on the post. If we deem it appropriate, we’ll add it in.

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