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Bursting with whimsy, charm, and a touch of magical mischief – that’s the essence of a pixie name! Need a dash of inspiration? Let this pixie name generator be your creative spark. Click the ‘Generate’ button to conjure up a list of 10 pixie names, and click again to uncover even more. Don’t forget to save your favorites!

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    Pixie name examples with description

    Woven from a tapestry of forest whispers, dappled sunlight, and mischievous giggles, here are some example pixie names each accompanied by a short description to tickle your imagination.

    • Zephyrion – Known for his swift movements, he is the pixie who rides the zephyrs of the early morning breezes.
    • Evarinia – An enchanting pixie maiden, she adorns herself with the petals of the first blooms of spring.
    • Xyrenia – A nocturnal pixie with iridescent wings reflecting the moon’s glow, Xyrenia is renowned for her beautiful midnight dances.
    • Lurelia – A pixie known for her melodious laughter, Lurelia’s sound is said to be the music of the babbling brooks.
    • Rinolion – A gallant protector of the pixie realm, Rinolion commands the rustling winds and leafy guardians.
    • Orysabel – She is the keeper of dawn’s first light, illuminating dew drops on spiderwebs and casting magic over the waking forest.
    • Vespira – Named after the evening star, Vespira is the twilight bringer, often seen just as the sun starts to dip beyond the horizon.
    • Nyxielle – The caretaker of dreams, Nyxielle weaves enchantments into the slumber of humans and creatures alike.
    • Sylphietta – A whirling dervish, Sylphietta is the orchestrator of the winds, guiding the dance of leaves in the autumn.
    • Vontis – Known for his quick wit and agile flight, Vontis is the pixie who whispers jokes into the ears of sleeping squirrels.
    • Iridana – The enchantress of rainbows, Iridana’s iridescent wings spark magic with every beat, painting the sky with colors after the rain.
    • Phiros – This fiery pixie, Phiros, is the heart of the bonfires, his laughter crackling in the sparking embers.
    • Bellaluna – Guardian of the moonlight, Bellaluna’s soft luminescence guides lost pixies home during the darkest nights.
    • Amblinx – A nimble pixie renowned for his acrobatics amongst the forest canopy, Amblinx leaves trails of shimmering magic in his wake.
    • Quiviel – The trickster pixie, Quiviel, is responsible for the whispers of the wind that lead travelers astray with a mischievous chuckle.
    • Aelryn – The caretaker of bird songs, Aelryn’s sweet voice is the harmony in the early morning chorus.
    • Thyndolin – Known for his mastery over the dewdrops, Thyndolin paints delicate patterns on the leaves every dawn.
    • Solanelle – The sun’s personal pixie, Solanelle gently escorts the first rays of light through the ancient forest.
    • Gwindelle – A pixie with an affinity for gentle breezes, Gwindelle guides the flight of dandelion seeds.
    • Wysterin – The playful pixie who tangles the manes of horses and the braids of young girls, all while they sleep under the stars.
    • Zephyrissa – The sister of the wind, Zephyrissa dances with the breeze, leaving a trail of laughter in the rustling leaves.
    • Berenys – A woodland sprite, Berenys is the friend of squirrels and birds, often seen playing hide and seek with them in the dense foliage.
    • Vespindyl – The overseer of twilight’s quietude, Vespindyl weaves the cool evening breeze with notes of serenity.
    • Faequill – A male pixie known for his intricate quillwork on leaves, Faequill inscribes the secrets of the forest.
    • Thaliastra – The melodious Thaliastra, a female pixie, can often be heard harmonizing with the dawn chorus, her songs enchanting the waking woodland creatures.
    Pixie Name Generator
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    More Pixie name ideas

    Thirsty for more pixie enchantment? Dive into this collection of even more pixie names, each one shimmering with the allure of the unseen, playful world they belong to.


    • Vontis
    • Ferikyl
    • Zephyrion
    • Gwindelle
    • Loxim
    • Crethonyx
    • Dornanel
    • Ilioster
    • Quentiv
    • Nasric
    • Beriandor
    • Jixel
    • Omirion
    • Thyndolin
    • Luneas
    • Wixblet
    • Spherion
    • Firadran
    • Xilinoc
    • Penthirion


    • Faezoria
    • Liliandil
    • Xyrenia
    • Quiviel
    • Amblinx
    • Berenys
    • Iriandora
    • Lurelia
    • Orysabel
    • Tythia
    • Vespindyl
    • Wysterin
    • Sylphietta
    • Violella
    • Brixily
    • Calandira
    • Zephyrissa
    • Nyxielle
    • Jemblina
    • Evarinia

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