How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) Name Generator

Dive into the world of Vikings and dragons, with the How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) name generator! Unveil your thrilling Viking or dragon alias in the mythical realm of Berk. Simply hit ‘Generate’ for an array of tantalizing names and click again for an endless voyage of discovery. Don’t forget to stow away your favorites!

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    How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) names with descriptions

    Get ready to embark on a mythical Viking voyage with our captivating collection of dragon names, each accompanied by a short epic tale that directly reflects its character and role in the entrancing world of Berk. Similar to their fire-breathing counterparts, every name carries its unique flame and mystic allure.

    • Shadow – A stealthy dragon known for its flash-like movements and its ability to blend well in the shadows.
    • Flamelg – The dragon with shimmering red-orange scales, well-recognized for its fiery breath.
    • Ripple – Known for sending seismic vibrations through the sea with its mighty roars.
    • Ironclinger – A large and formidable dragon with iron-like scales and an astonishing grip.
    • Whiskergobble – A humorous and friendly dragon, recognized for its chin whiskers and appetite for fish.
    • Twilight – A stealthy dragon only seen at dusk, it strikes with precision when prey least expects it.
    • Evergaze – This observant dragon watches over Berk with eyes that seem to miss nothing.
    • Jabber – Known for its talkative nature, known to mimic the speech of Vikings.
    • Grunter – Recognized by its stone-like scales and resonating grunts.
    • Starshine – A majestic dragon that releases a bio-luminescent glow, often mistaken for stars in the night sky.
    • Bumble – A friendly and clumsy dragon, known for its yellow-black striped scales and erratic flights.
    • Wobblewing – A dragon with large wings that flap in a comical fashion, yet it maneuvers expertly in the skies.
    • Mirth – Known for its playful nature, this dragon’s laughs are contagious.
    • Bellow – A dragon with mellow roars that resonate like an ancient Norse melody.
    • Icee – Famously feared on the arctic seas with its icy-blue scales, its roars resonate against icebergs.
    • Marble – Known for its strong teeth, able to chomp through rocks as if they were marbles.
    • Seaskim – A water-loving dragon that glides seamlessly along the water surface in search of fish.
    • Dart – Faster than the setting sun, its silhouette against the evening sky is a sight to behold.
    • Giggler – Loves flying among storm clouds, its rumbling giggles often mistaken for thunder.
    • Thundhud – Recognized by its thunderous wing beats, causing momentary quakes upon landing.
    • Sapphires – With beautiful sapphire-blue scales, this regal dragon is often considered a gem of Berk.
    • Moonwhisker – A night-dwelling dragon whose elaborate whiskers glisten under the moonlight.
    • Eternalflurry – An arctic dragon that controls blizzards, making it seem like an endless snowfall.
    • Snowystomp – Known for leaving large, snowy footprints, its presence is always known.
    • Cackle – A mischievous dragon that lives in the high cliffs, known for repeating the echoes of laughter.
    How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) Name Generator

    Cool How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) names

    • Spiritwing
    • Silentscale
    • Cinderfall
    • Sunstrike
    • Lightdrifter
    • Rainbo
    • Hollow
    • Moonshadow
    • Frostsquall
    • Emberdust
    • Lunarwave
    • Inferno
    • Solarflare
    • Thunderhowl
    • Twilightrider
    • Gloomtail
    • Firethorn
    • Silverstripe
    • Silhouette
    • Gemheart

    Funny How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) names

    • Feathers
    • Plonk
    • Whoopee
    • Chuckechomp
    • Fumblefang
    • Sillysnarl
    • Tickletooth
    • Clownclaw
    • Loofahlick
    • Gigglefang
    • Laughterlink
    • Wobble
    • Chuckleclaw
    • Marshmallowpuff
    • Toadletooth
    • Bananappy
    • Bellyblaugh
    • Offkeyroar
    • Joybuzzer
    • Ticklish

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