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Who hasn’t dreamt of being a valiant, gallant knight or a fierce, formidable warrior? Here’s your chance to bring those dreams to life, one name at a time, with our knight name generator!

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    Knight name examples with description

    Ever wondered how it would be like to carry a name that echoes in the halls of valor and glory? Here’s a tease for you — a selection of remarkable knight names, each paired with a description that’s just as impressive!

    • Alard the Falcon – In the battlefield, he flies high above his enemies, always seeing the bigger picture.
    • Jocelyn the Quicksilver – Known for her swift swordplay, she strikes as quickly and unexpectedly as quicksilver.
    • Diggory the Dire – Bearing a stern gaze and an iron will, he is as dreadful to his enemies as the dire wolf.
    • Iseult the Graceful – Her movements are a dance of power and elegance, mesmerizing those who watch her.
    • Cuthwin the Radiant – His presence on the battlefield is as invigorating as the morning sun.
    • Seren the Swiftfooted – Faster than the wind, she charges towards danger with courage in her heart.
    • Ethelbert the Valiant – He stands fearless before his enemies, his heart full of valor and determination.
    • Sibilla the Specter – Like a ghost, she infiltrates enemy lines, unseen and unheard until it’s too late.
    • Bedwyr the Stormcrow – Like a storm crow heralding the tempest, he brings chaos and turmoil to his foes.
    • Maelis the Immortal – She stands defiant in the face of time, her legend outliving generations.
    • Amalric the Guardian – With his unwavering commitment to protection, he serves as the shield for the weak.
    • Margot the Duskbringer – Her arrival on the field hails the setting sun for her enemies.
    • Reinhardt the Thunder – His strength echoes through the battlefield like thunder, inspiring his allies.
    • Audra the Flameheart – Her spirit is as fiery as a dragon’s breath, burning away the darkness with her courage.
    • Wulfric the Noble – His high sense of honor and righteousness make him a shining beacon among knights.
    • Giselle the Fearless – She charges into battle without a shred of fear, her bravery an inspiration to all.
    • Thurstan the Titan – Like the Titans of old, his power is unmatched and his courage unparalleled.
    • Ygraine the Fierce – In the heat of battle, she becomes an embodiment of fierceness, commanding awe and respect.
    • Haldor the Wise – With wisdom beyond his years, he strategizes the path to victory with foresight and cunning.
    • Verena the Seastorm – She fights with the unpredictable and tumultuous power of a sea storm.
    • Brand the Steely – His resolve is as unbending and unbreakable as steel, as is his sword.
    • Briseis the Conqueror – With every victory, she carves her name deeper into the annals of history.
    • Thorgils the Lionheart – He fights with the pride and courage of a lion, inspiring those around him.
    • Elysande the Merciful – She fights not for glory or honor, but to bring mercy and peace to the realm.
    • Grimbald the Unseen – Like a shadow in the darkness, he moves unseen, his enemies unaware of their impending doom.
    Knight Name Generator
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    More Knight name ideas

    Still thirsty for more chivalrous titles? Fear not, noble seeker! Down here, you’ll find an even longer list of knight names to peruse and choose from. Prepare to be enthralled!


    • Hereward the Ferocious
    • Cenric the Majestic
    • Deormund the Steadfast
    • Feolan the Silent
    • Godwine the Thunderous
    • Eadberht the Flameheart
    • Aedric the Stormrider
    • Thorgils the Impenetrable
    • Kyrre the Wise
    • Bertram the Unseen
    • Eilif the Courageous
    • Morten the Fierce
    • Ulric the Reclaimer
    • Severin the Bloodletter
    • Frode the Fearless
    • Sigurd the Dragonbane
    • Sten the Strong
    • Ragnvald the Stormborn
    • Baldur the Steely
    • Leofric the Lionheart


    • Eleonor the Gallant
    • Lunete the Stormdancer
    • Everild the Fearless
    • Marjory the Reclaimer
    • Roesia the Brilliant
    • Delicia the Fierce
    • Brys the Dauntless
    • Isolde the Vigilant
    • Sibyl the Kindhearted
    • Julianne the Sincere
    • Tamsin the Golden
    • Blanchefleur the Falcon
    • Ysabeau the Noble
    • Odilia the Thunder
    • Avice the Devoted
    • Georgette the Swift
    • Rosalind the Charming
    • Mab the Phoenix
    • Beatrice the Unseen
    • Edeva the Radiant

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    Yes. The knight name generator is free for anyone to use.

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    Yes. We hand-pick all the names used in our knight generator to ensure they’re 100% unique and relevant. You can use any of the names generated in your personal or commercial projects, assuming they aren’t trademarked already.

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    Yes. To suggest a new name for the knight generator, leave a comment at the end of the page. If we deem it appropriate, we’ll add it in (and credit you of course).

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