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Whimsical, enchanting, and grand — that’s what it takes to bear a genie’s name. If you’re on a quest for genie names, this genie name generator is your magic carpet ride! To start your journey, simply click the ‘Generate’ button to conjure a list of 10 genie names. Need more wishes? Click again for a new ensemble of names, and remember to keep your favorites safe!

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    Genie name examples with description

    Ah, the magic unfolds here with a dash of description to illuminate these captivating genie names.

    • Bhaerys The Brave – Her spirit is as fearless as the strongest tempests that roam the high skies.
    • Faezri The Fabled – His legend spans millennia, each tale more extraordinary than the last.
    • Solara The Serene – Her tranquility is like the calm after a storm, a welcome comfort.
    • Miraila The Marvelous – Her beauty and power inspire awe and reverence in equal measure.
    • Zhaeress The Zephyr – As swift and untamed as the wind, she is as elusive as she is fascinating.
    • Jhalia The Just – Fair and wise, he makes judgements with an even hand and an open heart.
    • Galathra The Gracious – Her benevolence echoes through her acts of kindness, touching all she meets.
    • Vesolu The Vibrant – His vitality is as infectious as his laughter, bringing life to the dreary.
    • Shaelira The Shimmering – As the sun’s rays dance on the ocean, so does her magic dance in our world.
    • Ilarus The Illustrious – His deeds are etched in the sands of time, echoing through eternity.
    • Thaelia The Thoughtful – With wisdom beyond years, her advice has guided many on their journeys.
    • Kelestra The Kind – Her kindness touches every soul, weaving a tapestry of good deeds.
    • Nhaerys The Nurturer – He cares deeply for all things, even the smallest grain of sand.
    • Ghaelon The Gallant – His bravery lights up the darkest of nights, a beacon of hope for many.
    • Vhaera The Valiant – Her courage is as mighty as the roiling sea, unyielding and steadfast.
    • Ellistra The Eloquent – Her words weave tales as intricate and fascinating as the cosmos itself.
    • Kharah The Keeper – As guardian of lost secrets, he keeps the mysteries of the universe.
    • Loraeli The Luminous – Her glow is a beacon of comfort and warmth, a guiding light in darkness.
    • Thaedra The Tranquil – His peace permeates the air, a calming presence amidst chaos.
    • Jhessara The Jubilant – Her laughter is like a joyous melody, infectious and bright.
    • Phaeral The Patient – With the patience of a timeless mountain, he is a calm in every storm.
    • Ysrisa The Young – Despite her youth, she carries wisdom and strength beyond her years.
    • Zhaelynn The Zealous – Her passion blazes brighter than the desert sun at its zenith.
    • Aezrine The Astute – Her cleverness leaves many astounded, a master of many mysteries.
    • Xanorus The Xenial – His warm hospitality is as inviting as a welcoming hearth on a winter’s night.
    Genie Name Generator
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    More Genie name ideas

    Hungry for more? Discover additional enchanting names in this dazzling array. Remember, the magic is in the name!


    • Zafrius The All-Knowing
    • Ghalin The Mysterious
    • Bahaar The Dazzling
    • Taluqan The Resilient
    • Yeghor The Majestic
    • Jhuvas The Wise
    • Reesoth The Unseen
    • Ghizor The Generous
    • Polteron The Mischievous
    • Quatzi The Enchanting
    • Uminar The Patient
    • Drahez The Benevolent
    • Vesolu The Vivacious
    • Thalorix The Bright
    • Mirazion The Timeless
    • Yunnan The Daring
    • Kezhaal The Loyal
    • Sotheerus The Unearthly
    • Orunael The Energetic
    • Jhaavaz The Unpredictable


    • Bhalara The Resplendent
    • Faezri The Kind
    • Shezlah The Powerful
    • Miraila The Enlightened
    • Zephylla The Inspiring
    • Taleera The Ambitious
    • Jhalia The Resolute
    • Uralisse The Peaceful
    • Aezrine The Joyful
    • Kharah The Intriguing
    • Thalima The Hopeful
    • Silmaria The Serene
    • Rhailah The Gracious
    • Olariel The Loyal
    • Zhaeress The Exciting
    • Luthia The Gentle
    • Irthana The Honest
    • Darilis The Inventive
    • Jhessara The Mystical
    • Vhalisse The Captivating

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